My name is Cassie. Life has taken me back home to New England.  Most of my portfolio will showcase my work in FL, however I know the art that comes from New England will bring forth magic.

When I feel my children rest their sleepy heads on my chest or sing to me, it's those special moments that remind me about the reason behind my art. I realize that the deep connection I have longed for all the years of my life is what I feel when I photograph mothers or families. If you know you know - The feeling is otherworldly, and there is absolutely nothing like it. 

She is sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

I’m the girl with the windows down, hair in her face and a cappuccino in whichever hand is free. My little chickadees keep me on my toes, but make my life and passions that much more enriching.

I decided my pharmacy job wasn’t fulfilling my true passion in life . So I bought a camera to take photos of my kids and realized this was quickly going to be much more than a hobby. It was like the sweetest example of instant gratification, seeing my own children with their little personalities coming through my lens.
When I see the warm embrace between a mother and her children/husband, I immediately feel satisfaction knowing that I am the one not only witnessing this profound love and connection taking place, but I am honoring that family by capturing the fleeting moments that unfold. 
I will forever love capturing all the details, whether it be a gap between a child’s tooth, those curls, a freckle or beauty mark. As a mother, I want that all documented for every family that books with me, and stand with them through it all to capture the beauty and the chaos.  

"We are fearless when we stand together"

I am